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                 MY SOUL IMMORTAL...


"A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a
party, a company by the way, a counsellor, a
multitude of counsellors."
                                                             Herny Ward Beecher
(AKA Yes Books)

"I wander down a cramped aisle. The floor is littered with novels of all shapes and sizes. The shelves bulge with ramdom selections. A couple gems are hidden among the rabble, and my fingers run down the spine of a familiar leather-bound book. Ancient Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends is engraved in gilt across the rich-amber leather."

(AKA Arabica Coffee Co.)


"Old Port Java is alive with conversati0n and laughter. The aroma of brewing coffee fills the air. I grab a cup of dark roast and a bagel then sit to wait out the deluge. At a table tucked away in the corner, I mull over the poncho girl. 'An apparition or flashback. Or, hell, a psychotic episode.'"


"Winding through the streets with purposeful speed, I round the next corner, and the theater comes into view. Waiting patrons spill out the double doors and onto the crowded sidewalk. I weave through the swarm, eagerly scanning the faces for Leah's."